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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Play Sims (part23)

It's Suri's birthday, and you know what that means!

Just age up, Suri.  I can't take much more of Stanley's mindless, inexplicable cackling.

Since her birthday, Suri's personality has taken on a decidedly more ... playful tone.

It also looks as though now that Suri is done with high school and isn't working yet, she's taken up hanging around in her pajamas for large chunks of the day, just like her brother.

Well, it looks like the time has come for the Rosenzweigs say goodbye to this house and move in to their new place.  But first, let's take one last look at their gnomes having one last frolic at 6 Willowdale Lane.

Let's also take one last photo together in front of the house.

Get in the car and let's go.  16 Puddlewick Drive.

Here are pictures of the Rosenzweig house, after they unpacked and got settled in.
Backyard deck

Path to outdoor workshop

View into den

Dining room

Sitting room



Living room

Full bath off living room

Mud room

Half bath off kitchen (the other side is for laundry)

Upstairs hallway

Blue bedroom

Upstairs bath

Green bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bath

There are more pictures, so for the full tour, go here.  I obsessed over every bit of this house, after I finished building it, so if you don't play Sims 3 and you're wondering if I drove myself nuts fretting over the tile in the bathroom, the wallpaper, the furniture uphostery, the colors of every single frame on every single picture, or the pattern on every stupid pot on every stupid plant, the answer is: "Good god, yes.  For four weeks.  Powered by Nutella."

I didn't make any of the custom content, though.  Most of that came from Mod The Sims, Around the SimsSimcredible, and Stylist Sims.*

*Do not come yell at me if something from one of these sites does not work in your game or is somehow corrupt.  Learn to organize your new downloads so that you can easily find anything that's misbehaving.

I Play Sims (part24)

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I dreamed

that I invented the word "iconography"

that I was trying to get "finger juice" which consisted of orange, lemon and lime.

that haunted books/furniture/stuff was flying at my head and/or hiding behind me, and Mrs. Oleson from Little House on the Prairie got all kinds of fed up with it and had a yard sale.

that I was at a high school racetrack and a bunch of us were standing around talking about how shameful it was that people were leaving so many discarded buckets of clams and clam shells strewn around.  Then I started poking one that was the size of a cow until it started ... dancing. For lack of a better explanation.

that I woke up early and tried to leave the bedroom without waking our son, so instead of walking, I dropped to the floor and decided to quietly crawl to the door where he couldn't see me leaving (since he was on the other side of the room in his toddler bed).  It was impossible to be quiet since the carpet had been replaced with hardwood flooring, and I was holding an enormous Lego in each hand.  Our son was also a girl with long, curly blonde hair, who had tunneled below the floor into a basement and warned me not to come down, because there were bugs there.  I finally gave up, walked into the living room and said, "She's tunneled under the bedroom again.  You deal with her."

that Hoboken was spelled Hojbojken.

that I was asked to sing the theme song for Metalocalypse.  As a duet.

that a mathematical equation was hilarious.

that my father-in-law kept making me smell his scratch-n-sniff greeting card.

that I opened up a box of cereal and it was filled with Jackie Chan movies.

that I was just trying to hang out in my room with my boyfriend, when Alice Cooper started banging on my door because he wanted to "jam".

that I was looking at a catalog and commented to my husband that there was nothing good in it.  He pointed to something saying, "What about this?"  It was a bejeweled eye booger remover.  For cats.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Soviet Russia ...

You don't look at search engine, search engine looks at you!

Yesterday I got an enormous, sudden spike in page views, to the tune of 154.  Clever though my blog may be, I do not garner this type of attention over the course of just one day - certainly not in the span of only five minutes - so it caught my eye.

It was Russia, again.

Russian search engine, you're not really looking at my blog 40 times in one minute, 8 times the next, then a whopping 76* times three minutes later.  So knock it off, knucklehead.

*I understand this only adds up to 124.  I don't know where the rest of the Russian views fit in. 
Also, eight views from Malta?  That's kinda weird, amirite?

Since I'm already here, you might as well enjoy the most awesome song and video there ever was:

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Monday, June 13, 2011

I Play Sims (part22)

Gnomes, huh?

I'm sure you're wondering what Suri and Stanley have been up to.  Well, I'll tell you. 

Stanley has been rage sculpting in his underwear on the uppermost balcony.

Stanley's also taken over all of the family's repair work.

Although, sometimes he does his repairs while fully clothed.

...and there's always his garden.
Suri has started night busking downtown, which is a lot like day busking, except with a bluish tinge.

Now that Rachel has so much leisure time from being the head of the company, she's decided to go to Shang Simla, where she's studying martial arts.

Oh god, now she's just showboating.
Rachel, that doesn't even begin to make any sense.
Hey, Rachel - guess what?!

Rachel's so excited, she gets ready for the party right away.

I think it would be fairly difficult to find something she didn't like.

Everyone's upstairs, so that's where Rachel heads.  The first thing she notices is her friend Justin Kayes and some other dude, nerding out over something above the fireplace.
Alright, Rachel, you're over-dressed - by about a mile.

And he's getting away!  Go after him, he's made it all the way to the front porch!

Looks like he's been just fantastic.

The next day is Suri's birthday and Rachel pulls out all the stops.

Stay tuned for the party, and the big move.

I Play Sims (part23)

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