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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Play Sims Asylum (part5)

Ahhhh. Back again.

I utterly agree, Greg. The fish tank makes a terrible television.
What's this now?
Are you actually trying to send Rev to wash the dishes? Honestly.
Yeah, I am so sure.
Havarti cheese and crackers with sweet/hot mustard! She's actually doing it!
Wait a tick. I think I see what's happening here.
Incantations! How do you like that shit, Husbro?
Guys. The laundry situation is getting skanky enough that even Husbro's taking a stand.
(Unless he's guarding it? It could be part of Rev's spell.)
It's so bad, Arthur Derrick is ready to barf on my chest.
Thank the Goddess, Eve to the rescue!
Argh! Bad, Eve! Bad! To the crate!
I guess I'll take a bath, instead of doing the laundry.
Except I broke it.
Sure, I could do a sermon - but it might be more efficient to call for repairs.
Scratch that. It's this fool again. Gather in prayer.
He's made his way inside, but yet ...
Wait for it ... I'm sure he'll figure out this isn't the broken tub eventually.
Eve's butt isn't the broken tub either, you creeper.
You know ...
... people really seem to be enjoying the trampoline.
But I suspect I may be enjoying it the most ...
... since it's the ultimate in Schadenfreude.
Whoa, watch out, Rev! Cory's flying at your ... whole body. With his whole body.
Not ... exactly what I expected. Is this a war squat?
Now there's thrusting and ... bulging.
I'm sure I have something I need to be doing elsewhere - but what was it?
Yep. That was it. I can mark it off my list now.

I Play Sims Asylum (part6)
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gusgirl57 said...

Hahahhaha! Love the trampoline shots, and gathering in prayer to fix the broken tub! Cracks me up. I love your dry sense of humor.

Nico Morley said...

Thank you muchly, gusgirl. said...

Wait, that's a fish tank? I thought the tub was the fish tank. Why else would it have glass sides?

This house is fucked up.

Nico Morley said...

That's my favorite tub, because I can laugh at how enormous all the guys' balls are.

That's right. I put dicks on my male Sims. It amuses me, because whoever made the thing made it comically large and they do not move naturally in time and space.

Male genitalia fascinate me in general, because I can't figure out how you guys sit on anything without yelping. I watch men moving around seemingly without a thought as to what's currently happening with their balls and I'm just mesmerized.

I mean, boobs are annoying, but dealing with a penis, etc. when not in the middle of some important business must be a dangling burden.

I might think about penises too much.

Reanna said...

My smoke detector is miles away from my stove and it still goes off all the time. Who the hell puts one 6 inches from where things are liable to burn?

Pretty sure I've met your handy man before...

Nico Morley said...

I'm pretty sure if you don't place it in the same room as the kitchen, it won't go off in the case of a kitchen fire - which is the most likely fire to start here, since there is no fireplace.

Of course, I think the asylum would be considered only two rooms with the bathroom. This is all shit you didn't ask me to tell you.

The handy people are always complete idiots.

Vesta Vayne said...

I had comments about your Sims post all ready to go, and then I read your comment about balls and penises and now I'm questioning the whole sitting without smushing thing too.

How has that thought never occurred to me?

Nico Morley said...

Hard to say. I suppose it depends on how much of your day is devoted to thinking about dicks.